Rope Skipping Canada supports and promotes Rope Skipping as a wellness activity, a recreational pursuit and a competitive sport in Canada.


Rope Skipping is a wellness activity that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and a positive attitude towards physical activity.
Rope Skipping develops life skills, enhances communities and promotes and maintains healthy, independent lifestyles and enhances quality of life.
Rope Skipping promotes positive self-image, self-respect, creativity, leadership and discipline.
Rope Skipping is recognized nationally and internationally and is included in mainstream multi-sport competition.


Rope Skipping Canada values Excellence, Integrity, Collaboration and Diversity.
We believe in EXCELLENCE by supporting athletes, coaches and community in promoting wellness and personal achievement at all levels.
We believe in INTEGRITY through fairness, equity, accountability and respect for athletes, coaches and community at all levels.
We believe that COLLABORATION with athletes, coaches and community is essential to continuously evolve and ensure the goals of our programs are met.
We believe in the strength of DIVERSITY and everyone’s right to participate in an environment that respects all individuals and is free of harassment and discrimination.